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Welcome to Zizz Recliners

Zizz Recliners is well recognized Indian Recliner Manufacturer in Delhi for residential, living rooms and commercial projects. Our theater seating is built and engineered to withstand the use of countless times to the theaters. With each of our heavy duty theater chairs weighing in excess of 65 kg, they are definitely built to last, and come with a 5 Year on Mechanism & 2 years on motor Warranty.

With expertise in design, layout, manufacturing, and production, you can be confident that the Zizz Recliners team is ready enough and able to help you get the most out of your custom theater seating. Whether you're looking to complete the design of your home theater room, or you want to update the seating in your corporate screening room-we will work with you to ensure you get the seating that works specifically for your needs.

We at Zizz Recliners provide a wide range of styles and designs of our recliners namely, Conventional Recliners, Premium Recliners, Luxury Recliners, Low-Rise Recliners, Living Room Recliners, Lounger Recliners and more.

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Our Products

Conventional Recliners

This piece of furniture is one of the conventional means to relax your body and mind
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Premium Recliners

Besides providing comfort user-friendly features, this recliner is made to last long as well
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Luxury Recliners

This item comes with thick padding all over its body. You can expect nice cushioning at headrest and footrest as well
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Low-Rise Recliners

It is quite special than others. It t does not have any advanced features yet it feels and look very modern due to its shape and style.
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Living Room Recliners

Recliners are usually bigger than regular chair due to added features such as recline, footrest, massagers and heaters etc.
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Lounger Recliners

The arms of this recliner are comparatively conventional in style. They further contain channel tufting style with nailhead accent.
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Zizz Recliners fulfill the standard criteria of

Comfort, Craftsmanship, Customization and Customer Services with pleasure

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Why Us

ZIZZ is a professional website which is designed for Recliners works. As one shop which is offering a wide range of solutions to individuals or corporations. We are looking forward to succeed in their online endeavors for Reclining.

We are a privately held company established in India. Our team is composed of so many talented and efficient marketers and recliner workers. We create customs strategies for our clients based on their needs and goals. We help our clients dominate their market by providing the best service.

As an organization Advance in Innovation for Recliners we as a Group of organization together proven name in the consulting space having helped large number of satisfied customer and small firms through wide range of problems. We have proven expertise in implementation of ISO Standards. Premium Recliner Manufacturer in Delhi (Zizz Recliners) Offer wide range of recliner choices including Conventional Recliners, Premium Recliners, Luxury Recliners, Low-Rise Recliners, Living Room Recliners and Lounger Recliners. Since our recliners come with great design, layout, manufacturing and production, it will suit the Interior of Your Home and Offices.

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